Atlanta nurses under fire for ‘disrespectful and unprofessional’ video



Four labor and delivery nurses at an Atlanta hospital have come under fire for mocking their patients as part of a TikTok challenge.

The minute-long clip — which appears to have been removed by the original poster, but is still circulating online — shows nurses from Emory University Hospital Midtown sharing their patient “icks,” or gripes.

My ick is when you ask me how much the baby weighs, and it’s still in your hands,” one nurse reveals.

“When the dad comes outside and asks for a paternity test right outside the room door,” another adds.

In a statement posted online Friday, Emory Healthcare said it has “taken appropriate actions with the former employees” — although the post does not specify if the women have been fired. The affected nurses have not been identified.

Controversial TikTok nurse video screenshot
It’s unclear what actions Emory Healthcare took with the nurses for the controversial video.

“We are aware of a TikTok video that included disrespectful and unprofessional comments about maternity patients at Emory University Hospital Midtown,” the statement begins.

“This video does not represent our commitment to patient- and family-centered care and falls short of the values and standards we expect every member of our team to hold and demonstrate.”

Viewers were horrified by the clip, with many calling for the participants to be canned.

“This makes me LIVID,” one TikToker fumed.

“I see these comments talking about their feelings and they’re valid,” another pointed out. “But as a patient, you’re already nervous this is a huge milestone in your life.”

“Imagine sayin these things with women at the most [vulnerable] moment in our lives,” a third emphasized.

Employees oversharing on TikTok — and subsequently getting fired — is not uncommon, with workers from the tech and education industries revealing their abrupt dismissals.

Meanwhile, the #IckChallenge — which encourages TikTokers to tattle their turnoffs — has earned 3.3 million views.

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