Missouri mom-of three, 30, left with torn lips after friend’s pet dog attacks her

Missouri mom-of three, 30, left with torn lips after friend’s pet dog attacks her

By Divya Kishore

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI: A 30-year-old woman was scarred for life after a friend’s dog reportedly attacked her and tore off her lips. The incident reportedly happened on November 19 when Charlie O’Dell went to a friend’s house and her Labrador viciously bit her on the left side of her mouth.

The unprovoked attack reportedly left O’Dell with torn lips – on top and bottom — along with an uncovered artery. She lost consciousness after seeing herself bleeding too much after which she was rushed to a hospital where a plastic surgeon stitched her lips. However, that was not enough since she is yet to undergo three more operations to get her lips in place.

Recalling the horrifying incident, the mother-of-three said, as reported by The New York Post, “I didn’t expect the dog to attack me. It happened so quickly. It was just like how normal dogs see someone and come over and jump on them. I didn’t even realize it took my lip off.”

O’Dell revealed that she initially did not notice the injuries she had sustained but after her friend came to help her after removing the animal, she saw what had happened. She said, “That’s when I noticed all the blood was pouring out. I was screaming when I saw my face in the bathroom mirror. [All] of my clothes were soaked in blood, and their [my friends’] clothes were soaked too,” before stating, “I just remember saying that I needed to go to the hospital and my friend’s face of shock and terror and then I passed out.”

O’Dell is reportedly taking care of herself at home while majorly relying on a liquid diet and small bites of easily chewable food. She did not hold her friend responsible for the unfortunate episode as she said, “My friend went through a traumatic experience too, witnessing all that. I know I’m going through something traumatic too, but I’m very empathetic and I can’t imagine how it would feel for her to have to witness that. It wasn’t my friend’s fault.”

No police report was filed against anyone in the case but it has been said that the Labrador was handed over to the city of St Louis. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been started by O’Dell’s aunt Fawn Terwilliger so that she can get financial help amid her health struggles. The message on the page said, “My niece, Charlie, was recently bitten by a dog, resulting in her losing both the upper and lower lip on the left side of her mouth. Charlie is on a liquid diet, and even though she has difficulty eating/drinking, she stays strong.”

“This injury is going to require multiple reconstruction surgeries and time. Unfortunately, she is not working at this time. She will need help with household and medical bills until she can return to work. Anything will help. Thank you,” the fundraiser added, which has currently raised $5,650 of its $10,000 goal.

She has also received heartwarming messages from several people. “Charlie, something similar happened to me. My best friend, Ben, bit me in the face. I lost the top of my nose, and some of my top lip. The scars don’t bother me as much as losing my best friend. You are a beautiful woman, scars included!” one person wrote while another said, “Sorry to hear of this terrible incident, hoping for the smoothest outcome.”


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