Shocking moment man is zapped by falling power line on train platform

A train inspector was zapped by an apparent downed power line in India.Jam Press Vid/News Panda


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In eastern India, the cables jump you.

A ticket inspector in India redefined “getting wired” after he was zapped by a fallen power cable while standing at a subway station. Shocking CCTV footage of the freak accident is igniting the internet.

The electrifying incident occurred on Dec. 27 while the unidentified ticket-checker was talking with a man on a subway platform at the Kharagpur Junction railway station in West Bengal State, according to Jam Press.

His conversation was interrupted when an errant cable apparently fell on the inspector, sending a stream of volts ripping through his body. In the clip, the power line can be seen hitting his upper torso, causing his clothes to briefly ignite as he topples backward onto the subway tracks.

After lying motionless on the rails for several seconds, the victim manages to roll onto his side, whereupon bystanders arrive and carry him off the tracks on a stretcher.

Thankfully, the railway worker survived his accidental electroshock therapy despite sustaining a few burns. Meanwhile, authorities have since launched a probe into the mishap with the goal of discovering how the cable came loose.

The stricken man fell backward and into the train rail bed as the man he was talking with fled in horror.
Jam Press Vid/News Panda

In a more serious electrocution incident closer to home, a Manhattan man was killed on Sunday, Dec. 4, after coming into contact with the third rail while crossing the subway tracks, cops said. His body was then struck by a train.

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