Country Singer John Rich Is Starting a Bank

Country Singer John Rich Is Starting a Bank


With the leprosy of wokeism, coupled with the venereal disease known as ESG, many normal Americans may have good reason not to trust their banks anymore. They do not know how their money may be invested on the bank’s end and are concerned that at some point, access to their cash or credit cards could be frozen for what the powers that be deem bad behavior. And it isn’t as if there is not a precedent for such a thing. You may recall that in true dictatorial fashion, the Trudeau regime in Canada froze the assets of those participating in the trucker’s strike. And as Just the News reports, PayPal recently tried to dock users $2,500 for spreading unapproved messages. Sorry, I meant disinformation.

Trudeau is a monster and I don’t use PayPal. But, it does give one pause to reflect on how much of our lives are in the hands of people who may tolerate us at best and absolutely loathe us at worst. And if you don’t quite trust your bank anymore, there is a solution. And it is coming from one of the most unlikely of sources.

Country music singer John Rich of Big and Rich fame is starting a bank. It is called Old Glory Bank, and you can get started at the website. Larry Elder and Dr. Ben Carson have also joined Rich in the effort.

Rich told John Solomon, “People are getting their credit cards turned off if they go to the wrong protest or if they make the wrong social media posts. They’ve weaponized our bank accounts basically, at this point. There’s a whole group of real patriotic Americans who just believe in freedom of speech, and they wanted to create a new platform for regular Americans to be able to do their business.” Elder said “We offer full online banking services. So those of you who were threatened with having your accounts shut down or you’re with banks that have threatened to have others shut down and you don’t like the values of your bank, there’s a home for you at Old Glory Bank.”


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