The media (and White House) have come down with a bad case of Hunter Biden

The media (and White House) have come down with a bad case of Hunter Biden

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What is happening — it’s frankly, it’s not healthy.”

 White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, on Twitter releasing internal documents on why it censored the Hunter Biden laptop story

Symptoms of Hunter Biden include a drop in poll numbers and close examinations of your financial mingling of your son’s foreign business dealings with your political career.

There is no vaccine for Hunter Biden.

Those at risk for Hunter Biden include those over age 80, those easily confused and chronic liars.

Please wear a mask to avoid transmitting Hunter Biden on television or radio, or asking uncomfortable questions of press secretaries.

Side effects include the erosion of media credibility, overreach and suppression by social-media companies and the compromising of our intelligence community.

Journalists realizing the laptop is “confirmed” and that Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name have been reported.

Never mix Hunter Biden with MSNBC or left-wing Twitter.

Ask your spin doctor if questions about Hunter Biden persist.

Abnormal behaviors include denial, falsehoods and sweeping claims like, “I never spoke to Hunter Biden about his business.”

Do not take Hunter Biden if you’re allergic to Hunter Biden.

Remember, Hunter Biden is not healthy. Certainly not if you’re a president who has managed to dodge hard questions about Hunter Biden for more than two years.

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