I’m cheating on my wife with a co-worker

I’m cheating on my wife with a co-worker

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DEAR ABBY: I have been married to my wife for a little over a year. I love her. However, right before our wedding, I met a co-worker I’ll call “Alexis.” We hit it off, and I consider her a close friend.

Alexis and I hooked up a few times before and after my wedding. We never discuss the encounters after they happen. After we’ve had a few drinks, we both say things about being together, but usually, we’re just best friends. While my friends believe this is odd, it’s almost a blessing that the awkward conversation doesn’t happen after a night of something happening.

There have been instances when I have ditched my wife to hang out with Alexis — not to do anything, but just to hang out with her and her mother. My wife says I spend too much time with Alexis between work and after work, but she’s fun to be with. My wife is kind of a homebody. She doesn’t like to go out and have a good time.

My wife doesn’t trust Alexis, and while I can’t blame her, I’m conflicted about what my next step should be. I love my wife, but I also love Alexis as more than a friend, and I know she feels the same. What should I do next?



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