‘An act of love’: Planned Parenthood says more men getting vasectomies since Roe v. Wade overturn

‘An act of love’: Planned Parenthood says more men getting vasectomies since Roe v. Wade overturn

Planned Parenthood has seen an increase of just over a third in vasectomies since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, according to multiple reports that quote doctors who perform the procedure.

A Planned Parenthood affiliate covering the Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, and Kentucky claims there has been a 34% increase in vasectomies in 2022 when compared to 2021.

Dr. Grace Shih, who works for Planned Parenthood and the University of Washington, says one of her patients described getting a vasectomy as “an act of love.”

“I had another patient say they felt their partners’ rights were being taken away and getting a vasectomy is the least they could do,” Shih explained to Seattle outlet KING, further explaining how she believes that existing political beliefs were brought to the surface by the recent decision on Roe v. Wade.

“Our vasectomy volume has gone up quite a bit,” says Shih, who wears the title of “director of vasectomy services” at Planned Parenthood. Shih attributes the increase directly to politics, stating “They are volunteering to me. They are coming in because of the Dobbs decision.”

Shortly after the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, select Planned Parenthood outlets offered free vasectomies for underprivileged men who don’t have health insurance.

On its website, PP reminds patients that “Obamacare” does not provide coverage for the procedure, noting that many locations operate on a sliding scale when it comes to the operation and may charge less depending on the patient’s income. The organization’s “vasectomy services” page also boasts of an “almost” pain-free procedure; “patients say that it is better than going to the dentist or getting blood drawn!” the page reads.

Dr. Marah Hehemann of the University of Washington and Veterans Affairs also claims an increase in operations, saying more than 50% of recent patients have been men without kids, which “was not the case prior to this summer.”

Seattle outlet KIRO spoke to a man named Evan Pulgino, who said the Supreme Court ruling expedited his decision.

“I felt like I had to do something kind of on my end,” he explained. “Half the country lost their rights,” the man told another outlet.

“Just thinking about all of my friends this is going to affect made me want to do something,” he continued. “The burden of an unplanned pregnancy is two people and I just felt it shouldn’t fall entirely onto women,” Pulgino concluded.

The Planned Parenthood doctor says she is not surprised by the recent increase.


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