Wingstop Unveils New Carolina Gold BBQ Flavor

Wingstop Unveils New Carolina Gold BBQ Flavor

Reach Guinto

The regional styles of barbecue in the U.S. are distinct and varied, and though the Carolinas are recognized as one of the major styles in the country, there are a lot of nuances within that area itself.

Wingstop has chosen to tap South Carolina as inspo for its latest sauce, Carolina Gold BBQ. In that region, pork rules and is often drenched in a thick, mustard-based sauce that likely features brown sugar and vinegar.

“Wingstop’s Carolina Gold BBQ flavor maintains the classic queues of mustard, vinegar and brown sugar flavors that are true to its origins, but – in Wingstop fashion – our flavor stands out from the crowd,” said Chef Larry Bellah, Wingstop’s Director of Culinary and R&D.

Wingstop's Carolina Gold BBQ.

The brand claims that the new Carolina Gold BBQ sauce flaunts a a shimmering hue, owning up to its moniker, and can be sauced-and-tossed in either Wingstop’s Chicken Sandwich, chicken tenders, bone-in wings or boneless wings.




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