Bill Cosby plans big comeback to Hollywood but wife Camille is NOT HAVING IT!

Bill Cosby plans big comeback to Hollywood but wife Camille is NOT HAVING IT!

By Samyukhtha L KM

SHELBURNE, MASSACHUSETTS: Bill Cosby’s fall from grace as “America’s Dad” has been nothing short of monumental. From being the first African-American man to win a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series to going on to become a well-recognized sex offender who had fingers pointed at him by a lot of women, Bill’s life has taken a proper downturn.

However, it would seem that there is very little that can be done to deter him from coming back to the stage, but his wife Camille O Cosby is weary and wants to keep trying until she convinces him to stay home. RadarOnline has reported that the comedian’s wife of 58 years wants him to stay out of the spotlight and keep away from the people, following his three-year term in federal prison on sexual assault convictions.

It is said that despite more than 60 women coming forward and naming him in their abuse stories, Bill believes that he is still liked by the people and that he thinks he will be received well when he returns to show business. “Bill is working on new comedy material and he wants to line up performance dates in clubs for next year,” a source has said.

“Camille tells him that performing again will be an unmitigated disaster, sparking protests and turning their lives into a circus again. But Bill has it in his head the public still adores him and is waiting for him to make a comeback — and that frustrates Camille no end.”

Andrew Wyatt, Bill’s spokesperson, had also spoken to the media as well and acknowledged Bill’s attempts at a return to the stage. “He has been working on new materials, while incarcerated. So, he’s ready to get back to performing,” Wyatt revealed earlier last year.

“He’s been talking to a number of promoters and comedy club owners over his breakfast this morning. … He’s just excited the way the world is welcoming him back,” Wyatt said. As it turns out, Bill has been planning his return ever since he got turned into prison and has been working on the material even while in jail, but his ongoing legal battles, which seem never-ending and his wife’s disapproval may just keep him away.

While she seems to not want anything more to do with the spotlight, she most certainly does want to live her life. It was reported recently that Camille hosted a luxurious dinner party for her closest circle to celebrate the first anniversary of Bill’s conviction being overturned.

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