Ohio man finds decomposing body of 71-yr-old former homeowner in basement of new home

Ohio man finds decomposing body of 71-yr-old former homeowner in basement of new home

By Hanika Kashyap

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO: A man who recently purchased a home in Cleveland Heights, found a decomposing body of a previous homeowner in the basement, according to Ohio police.

Officers and firefighters were called on Tuesday morning, November 29, right after 11.40 am to the residence located in the 2700 block of Noble Road where the human remains were discovered. The new homeowner told the Cleveland Heights police department that they had recently bought the property through a foreclosure sale and had come down to inspect the home, as reported by ABC News 5.


The office of the city’s medical examiner later determined that the human remains were identified as 71-year-old Nina Fielden, who was listed as the owner of the same property, according to Cuyahoga County records, as per WGN-TV. There were reported “no visible signs of trauma” on the body, according to the medical examiner. Records ascertained by ABC News 5 show that the woman had previously lived in the home. The incident is presently under investigation.

According to Newsweek, about 4400 unidentified bodies are recovered in the US every year, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a resource center set up by the Department of Justice. The report added that, on average, only 3400 of those bodies are identified in a span of one year. Thus, as many as 600,000 individuals remain missing in the US every year, NamUs said.

A similar case was documented in September when mummified remains were found in a bathtub in an Arizona home. The cops were reportedly responding to a call sighting a burglary, as per the outlet. Neighbors informed Bullhead City Police Department officers that they had not caught sight of the resident for a year and believed she had moved away.

Upon the arrival of the police at the home in Mohave County, they caught Christine Lee Walters, 65, redhanded as she was rummaging through the property. In the process, a body, believed to be of the home’s owner, was discovered in a mummified state. Walters was charged with two counts of burglary. However, she has not been arrested in connection with the discovery of the body, as reported by Newsweek.




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