Kristin Cavallari’s racy underwear shoot trolled as ‘diaper’ fashion with ‘granny panties’

Kristin Cavallari’s racy underwear shoot trolled as ‘diaper’ fashion with ‘granny panties’

By Anamika Bharti

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE: Businesswoman, fashion designer, and reality star Kristin Cavallari stunned her fans with glamor shots in unconventional ‘sweater panties.’ The ‘Very Cavallari’ star posted Instagram photos, posing against a wooden backdrop, dressed in all-white. She captioned her post, “Flash on” as she posed in the dark with the photo flash illuminating her figure.

Her hair gave off the messy beach vibe with loose, untamed curls. Cavallari looked sumptuous in one shot in her furry white overcoat while in another she sat on the wooden staircase giving off vintage vibes in the same coat. In the other two photos, she is seen wearing a white full-sleeved crop top and similar colored ribbed underwear. While her first look bagged praises, her second look was trolled by followers. Keep reading to know more.

Cavallari looked sideways with her hands on her blonde wavy hair while posing for the camera. The TV personality donned the look with a slight smile, showing off the chiseled jawline, abs, and toned legs. Fans called Cavallari “hot,” “perfect,” and “stunning” after seeing her seductive furry overcoat attire. However, her ‘sweater underwear’ look got slammed by the fans with them calling it a “diaper” and “granny pants.”

A fan commented on Cavallari’s post, “Whatever those bottoms are – they are not flattering. And if they aren’t flattering on you-someone with an absolutely perfect body-they wouldn’t be flattering on anyone. I would recommend going another direction.” To this another replied, “I agree. She is gorgeous but they kind of look like a diaper. Or period underwear.” Another exclaimed, “my first thought! Diaper!” Another wrote, “Why ? Looks like a diaper.”

Another fan slammed Cavallari’s look, saying, “Girl I love you but that diaper underwear thing is a little weird….but your so beautiful you can pull off a diaper look.” Some of the fans slammed her posing style, saying, “the first pic looks like she’s sitting on a toilet.” Another wrote, “I love the crop top, but not so fond of the granny panties looking bottoms, even though your bottom, is quite nice!” Another fan urged Cavallari, “Just stop Kristin…you can look so much more sophisticated than this tripe…you are not a playboy girl, you are a business woman…act it. You are beautiful and you don’t need to pose like this.” Even though some of the fans trolled Cavallari’s woolen underwear, most of them loved her hot look. Cavallari has always been stunning us with her over-the-top looks on social media.


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