18 cows found dead in Colorado, bite marks and missing tails point to elusive predator

18 cows found dead in Colorado, bite marks and missing tails point to elusive predator

By Juna Tharakan

MEEKER, COLORADO: Leaving no tracks behind, several cattle have been slaughtered by a mysterious creature in Colorado. Near the town of Meeker, 18 cows were found dead on October 18. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said some of the cows looked like they were attacked by wolves but not all of them.

However, the officials have not found any particular evidence of the predator or any wolf tracks, reported the New York Post. Found dead within 1.5 miles of each other, the elusive predator behind the death of the calves has left no trace of evidence. Reportedly, local wildlife experts have been searching for a culprit for two months as at least 40 calves have died within this span.

Suggesting what may have occurred, the rancher Jerry Klinglesmith who lost his calves wrote in the Fence Post that “The most likely scenario would be the following: An apparent canine attack may have triggered the onset of a still-inconclusive cause of death.” Putting forth the possibility of diseases, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Region Manager Travis Black and Klinglesmith said that the cattle may have also been prone to Clostridium bacteria-infected disease known to be black leg.

The test results on whether or not the cause of death is from the disease are yet to be confirmed by the pathology. However, theories and investigations on the cause of death leading to reasons other than that involving wolves is currently taken up by rancher, veterinaries, officials, and experts with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department.

On November 17, Black mentioned in a meeting of the State Wildlife Commission that most of the calves have consistently sustained injuries with some having missing tails and bite marks seen in a wolf attack. He added stated that the calves being attacked by wolves or dogs may have worsened any existing infectious diseases among Klinglesmith’s cattle herd.

The Klinglesmith family updated the Fence Post saying that “In closing, we are working closely with CPW, Wildlife Services, and veterinarians to verify the cause of death, and whether wolves are in the area. Prior to October 2022, there were eight officially reported wolf sightings in the area over the last few years. Since the publicity, there have been many more reported wolf sightings, but none have yet been verified. There has also been a report of a pack of dogs. This lead is being heavily investigated as well, but also, has not been verified.” With no conclusive shreds of evidence or traces from the necropsies conducted, or the trail cameras and aerial flights set, the ongoing investigation is still in search of the elusive predator.



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