Philadelphia parking officer shot in head from behind, police seek suspect

The male depicted in the photos was involved in a shooting of a Philadelphia Parking Authority Enforcement Officer on Frankford Avenue on November 25, 2022, at 3:50 PM, police said.  (Philadelphia Police Department)



A Philadelphia parking authority officer was shot in the head in broad daylight by a thug in the City of Brotherly Love last Friday.

The suspect was caught on a surveillance camera walking up behind the 37-year-old male parking official and shooting him in the head at point-blank range at 3.50pm on the 45xx block Frankford Avenue the day after Thanksgiving.

The officer, who was on duty at the time of the crime, is seen in video footage immediately collapsing onto the sidewalk before help arrives.

He is now in stable condition and the PPA is hopeful he will make a full recovery, having primarily been injured in his shoulder and ear.

Police are still investigating the incident and have not yet made any arrests, but believe the victim was a ‘target’.

Following the shooting, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said, ‘It’s bold. It’s brazen and something we’re definitely going to do everything we can to solve immediately.’

‘We believe he was the intended target,’ he continued. ‘We have some witnesses saying a car pulled up, shots were fired, and then a car pulled away.’

Crime has surged in Philadelphia over the last handful of years, including a 23 percent rise year-over-year in the total number of crimes. One Twitter user, after viewing the footage of the parking officer being shot, dubbed the birthplace of liberty a ‘war zone.’

Police remain unsure as to what prompted the shooting, but it may be linked to a parking ticket issued by the victim. Officers are reviewing names of drivers who have recently been ticketed by the enforcement agent.

Vanore said the parking authority is working with the police department.

‘They’re assisting us on going through what he did today and we’ll go back through that very carefully to see what we could find out,’ he said.

The injured officer was known to the Frankford, Philadelphia neighborhood community, where he was on assignment before the shooting.

Bamba Sissoko of Frankford said he speaks with the officer every day. ‘He’s a good guy, really nice guy,’ he told ABC6.



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