Father wants to charge son for honeymoon in family cabin

Father wants to charge son for honeymoon in family cabin

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The internet has blasted a father for trying to charge his son for using the family cabin on his honeymoon.

Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITeA****** forum, a man under the anonymous username u/honeya34____ shared his story with the “AITA” community to see if he was wrong.

The original poster (OP) began its story by explaining that he and his wife bought a winter cabin before she died. He is now the sole owner.

He wrote that his son would soon be married to his fiancee and he wanted to stay at the family cottage for their honeymoon as they could not afford a destination trip. The OP allowed him to do this, but for a fee.

He wrote: “He was completely shocked and tried to argue that it is his mother’s cabin too, but I pointed out that I am now the owner and that I am paying to keep it maintained. He was upset and accused me of being materialistic and selfish after I was unhelpful at the wedding.”

“I told him I did the same thing to his aunt and it wasn’t personal. He went with his fiancee and told the family about it. Now it’s me [berated] left and right and he’s told to let him use the booth and I’m ashamed that I asked for money,” he concluded.

The OP told his son that he was getting married too soon and it wasn’t a good idea, but he didn’t listen.

As the internet blasted the dad, a financial attorney debates why the OP might be right.

Leslie Tayne, Founder of Tayne Law Group, explains news week that in this case the OP isn’t necessarily wrong in charging his son for the cabin: “It’s a respectful and responsible thing to do, regardless of his relationship to.” [him]. When money is tight [his] Son could postpone honeymoon until he can afford it. Many people go this way.

“So honeymoon is (hopefully) a one-time deal [the OP doesn’t] have to take care of the ongoing financial support. Maybe [he] could offer [his son] a drastically reduced price or consider giving access to the cabin as a wedding gift,” Tayne said news week.

What is your advice?

Father wants to charge son for honeymoon in family cabin

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