‘Who’s bankrolling THIS?’ Internet stunned after Kyle Rittenhouse promotes video game ‘Turkey Shoot’

‘Who’s bankrolling THIS?’ Internet stunned after Kyle Rittenhouse promotes video game ‘Turkey Shoot’

By Srijal Sharma

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN: Kyle Rittenhouse posted a video on Twitter on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, marketing a video game in which a character modeled after him, shoots turkeys that represent the “fake news” media. Along with the game’s developer, Mint Chip, Rittenhouse makes an appearance in the commercial for “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot.”

As a supporter of gun rights, Kyle became well-known within the American political right thanks to his subsequent prosecution. He has spoken at events hosted by the right-wing Turning Point USA, appeared on conservative political television commentary programs, and has even met former President Donald Trump.

Rittenhouse alleges in the promo that the media has ruined his life. After fatally shooting two unarmed racial justice demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020, he made a self-defense claim and was acquitted. “When I saw how these fake news turkeys operated, I had to start coding immediately,” the developer says in the clip. “Gamers will get to play as Kyle Rittenhouse using a highly specialized laser gun to strike down any turkey that spreads lies, propaganda, or liberal bias.” “We’re not clucking around,” the programmer concludes. “Cluck yeah,” says Rittenhouse. In order to earn funds for his legal fund, the game was first made available earlier this year.



As usual, people were quick to comment back on the post, “A kid is caught up in protests around the country against the police brutality & accountability. Goes out on the streets & uses a gun, not his, kills 2 people & maims another. Gets Biggest break in the world & now he’s going to remind everyone that he is a killer with a game??, tweeted one user. While another wrote, “If the gun needed for this game was based on a Hasbro / Nerf product, there’s likely an infringement on Hasbro’s intellectual property rights. Contact HASBRO, parent of Nerf. Hit him in the wallet.” A third wrote, “I thought it was parody at first. How could any company sanction such a thing much less put their label on it. Who’s bankrolling this? Sounds like a great place to boycott.” “Is there no low to which they will not stoop? Aren’t there any branches or roots they can grab on their way down?” Tweeted another. A fifth commented, “When Twitter changed hands we knew all kinds of crap would be allowed, but this if off the chain disgusting!!” “No thank you, not interested!!! This is one of the most distasteful things you could do at this point Kyle. Shows your true character,” Posted another.




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