Video shows NYPD cops rescue man who fell on subway tracks just SECONDS before train arrived

Video shows NYPD cops rescue man who fell on subway tracks just SECONDS before train arrived

By Juna Tharakan

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: A dramatic footage shows a man fallen on subway tracks rescued by NYPD cops moments before a train sped to the station.

This nick-of-the-time rescue video from November 24 afternoon shows the officers running from one side of the station towards the other to help the passenger.

To hoist the man onto the platform, the officers pulled the car into 116th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem of Upper Manhattan, and in a matter of seconds, they leaped quickly onto the subway tracks.

The nerve-wracking video was shot from a bodycam that shows two officers, identified as Victor and Bokth. Strangers alerted the cops about the 40-year-old man who had fallen onto the northbound 6 train line.


With no mezzanine to connect the northbound and southbound lines of the station, the officers had to take the stairs racing to the fallen man by taking the southbound line exit. After their arrival, they found that another person was heading down to the track trying to save the man. While waiting for further help, medical assistance was given by a third officer, identified as Officer Gregorek.

With hardly a few seconds to spare before the train sped to the station, the officers managed to grab the man by his arms and legs, lifting him to safety. Risking themselves in danger, one of the cops was unable to leap back onto the platform. Fortunately, he was lifted to the platform by the officer who was providing medical assistance to the unidentified man.

After the man was hoisted to the platform, the 6 train arrived on the northbound tracks within four seconds of the incident. The man lifted from the tracks had injuries to his right hand and back and was taken to a local hospital. He is now in stable condition.

In the tweet containing the heart-stopping video of the officers rescuing the fallen man, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell wrote praising the officers by writing “The heroics of NY’s Finest always amazes me. For the @NYPD25Pct officers who rescued a man from an oncoming train after he accidentally fell on the subway tracks yesterday in Manhattan – the courage is second nature. Join me in saluting these great cops!”


As reported by the Daily Mail, with crime rates rocketing in the subways of New York City affecting, the incident of this nick-of-the-time rescue is a relief with the presence of increased police officers underground.

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