Owner of Lamborghini that mowed down 15-yr-old wants his $330K car BACK!

Owner of Lamborghini that mowed down 15-yr-old wants his 0K car BACK!

By Pragati Priya

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: The owner of a Lamborghini that struck and killed a 15-year-old girl has pleaded with authorities to give him back control of the vehicle so he can sell it and pay off his insurance. The 2016 Lamborghini Huracan with the “PSYKO” licence plates that was responsible for the death of Sophia Naismith in June 2019 belonged to Alexander Campbell. He was found not guilty of death by hazardous driving after Naismith and her friend were struck by the $330,000 luxury car that mounted a curb before crashing into the door of a restaurant.

The vehicle is being held by South Australia Police in case it is still needed as evidence at a potential inquest into Naismith’s death. Even if Campbell gets his automobile back, he will still have to overcome another obstacle. His insurance company, Shannons Insurance, said that if any of its clients were “complicit in a criminal act,” they would not settle claims. Campbell admitted to driving carelessly but was cleared of the more serious charge of causing death by reckless driving, as per Daily Mail.

He received a licence suspension that lasts until 2023 as well as a four-month suspended prison sentence. As soon as he can get his hands on the expensive car again, Campbell, 37, has vowed to “dispose” of it since he “never wants to drive it again.” ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with that vehicle ever again, it will be sold for scrap,” he told Adelaide Now.

Sophia Naismith, 15, died when alexander Campbell mowed her down in his Lamborghini Huracan (GoFundMe)

As per Daily Mail, the insurance corporation’s ower, Suncorp Group, stated that it would not comment on specific claims. “All insurance policies from Shannons, broadly speaking, exclude claims which specifically involve our customer being complicit in a criminal act for which they are ultimately found guilty,” a spokesperson said, adding, “If the criminal act was causative to the claimed loss, such claims outcomes are sustainable at both the Australian Financial Complaints Authority and at court.”

The judge stated in his decision not to find Campbell guilty of causing death by reckless driving as there was no evidence he was speeding or under the influence at the time of the accident. The judge decided that it was not possible to prove that he intentionally accelerated in a risky way beyond a reasonable doubt. “I’ve always been sorry,” Campbel reportedly told reporters when asked whether he felt remorse for his actions. “I always will be sorry. But saying it isn’t going to bring anyone back, you know,” he added.

Naismith’s family expressed their disgust at the sentence’s leniency once it was handed down. “We cannot accept Sophia’s loss and move on with our lives when the courts have failed to impose a penalty which reflects the gravity of the crime,” Naismith’s mother Pia Vogrin said outside the court. She said the family was “sickened and appalled at the sentence handed down over the death of our beloved daughter.” They also labelled Campbell as “one of the most reviled people in the state” and a “gutless coward” who has shown “a shameful lack of decency.”




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