Las Vegas woman, 27, faces murder charge after hitting and killing neighbor with rake

Las Vegas woman, 27, faces murder charge after hitting and killing neighbor with rake

By Owais Farooqi

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on Saturday, November 26 said that a woman died after being struck in the head with a rake on September 30 by another woman living nearby. Las Vegas Fire & Rescue were called to the intersection of Bruce and Fremont after a 53-year-old woman named Marcia Averett was discovered unconscious.

Averett had “obvious” head trauma and a 4-5 inch laceration to the right temple area, according to Las Vegas Fire Rescue. She was taken to the University Medical Center, where they intubated her and treated her for a skull fracture and a brain bleed, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan police. However, she died on October, 20. The woman involved faces charges of murder and is said to have some psychiatric problems, reported FOX5

According to the report, Averett’s husband called the police to report that his wife had been hit on the head with a rake earlier in the day near 16th St and Marlin. Police discovered blood in the area and spoke with several witnesses, who stated that the victim was struck in the head with a rake by a Black woman riding a bicycle. The day Averett died, the same day, Averett’s husband told police that he had heard the woman involved was named “Bianca” and frequented the area on her bike, according to the arrest report, as quoted by the outlet.

Witnesses told police that, Averett was collecting cans outside of her house when a Black woman on a bike struck her “several” times in the head with a green rake. The report further stated, LVMPD discovered Bianca Robinson living in a nearby apartment who owned a bike matching the description of the bike in the rake incident after receiving several tips from neighbors.

When questioned by police, Robinson stated that she frequently rode her bike in the area where the incident occurred but “had no memory” of the rake incident. A neighbor told police that Robinson may also have psychiatric issues, the report said.

According to court records, Robinson was arrested on a battery charge on October 24 but is now facing a murder charge. Robinson’s bail has been set at $500,000, and her next court appearance is scheduled for December 5.

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