The White House Wants You to Talk About Biden at Thanksgiving!

The White House Wants You to Talk About Biden at Thanksgiving!

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If you haven’t got any fun activities to do with the family at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner party, you’ll be pleased to find out the White House has it all figured out for you, presenting several of Biden’s “accomplishments” as discussion topics.

The deranged tweet came from none other than Ronald Klain, who posted a picture detailing every major victory the Biden administration has had to date, with the majority of items on the list being categorically untrue.

White House’s deranged statement about pro-Biden topics at Thanksgiving dinner
Likely unaware of how out-of-touch this tweet was, Klain claimed the list to be one of the things to present to “that uncle” at the dinner party, referring to one’s more conservative family members.


Naturally, Twitter tore into Klain at lightning speed. Even some celebrities joined in on the massive clap back at Biden’s chief of staff, with Ben Shapiro saying anyone who whips out this sheet at Thanksgiving dinner should be catapulted at the nearest body of water.

David Burge also chimed in, presenting the humorous idea of putting out 10k volt dining room chairs for anyone who chooses to celebrate Biden during Thanksgiving.

Noah Blum added “that uncle” won’t be coming at anyone this year, because it’s usually the zoomer cousin that’s confrontational about this stuff, especially when they take a second to look away from their phone and tell you how communism is a great, functional governing system.


Thanksgiving dinners are up to 30% more expensive this year

The list includes the ridiculous claim that Biden tackled inflation and lowered basic necessity costs; it’s been less than a year since he was adamant about claiming growing inflation will blow over in due time.

A couple of months and several failed attempts at stopping it later, Biden finally decided to face the music and accept we’re in an economic crisis, only to blame it on the former administration and keep spending even more on pointless projects.

Even his “Inflation Reduction Act” is slated to fail miserably. Analysts found it’s more than likely going to continue increasing inflation for the next three to four years before actually going into effect.


The final talking point on the list is Biden’s cooperation with Republicans to rebuild American infrastructure. This is yet another one of his plans that fell through; it’s safe to say he’s not exactly on good terms with Republicans either.

He’s been demonizing the entirety of the GOP in every single speech for the past couple of months, attempting to salvage what little support the Democrats had left ahead of the midterms.

While it was an underhanded move, it did end up working out for them, as the red wave didn’t manifest this time around.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to help his approval rating. It continues to set new lows with every passing month, a stark contrast to the average price of a Thanksgiving dinner, which you’ll be paying 30% more for this year, all thanks to Biden.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

The White House Wants You to Talk About Biden at Thanksgiving!

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