Spine-chilling moment a ‘ghost patient’ is greeted by hospital worker on CCTV and escorted to ‘her’ room – as the employee learns the only patient by the supposed name DIED the day before


  • A security guard at a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was caught on camera welcoming a phantom patient on November 11
  • The doors at the hospital opened, which prompted the worker to remove the retractable belt barrier from the stanchion 
  • The man stands with a clipboard and appears to write on it before making a hand gesture as if he was providing directions 
  • A second camera shows the man pulling a wheelchair and having a conversation before motioning with his hands and putting the wheelchair back 
  • But the viral incident has been cleared up the the facility’s media relations representative, who said the guard never registered a patient 
  • The representative said the doors were damaged and opened and closed 28 times during a 10-hour period and said the video may have been part of a prank

An Argentine hospital director has come forward to clear up the mystery behind the security camera video that shows the moment a security guard appeared to register a phantom patient.

The chilling video footage showed moment the sliding doors at Finochettio Sanatorium opened the early morning of November 11, prompting the guard to step away from the desk.

The worker, whose name is unknown, then removed the retractable belt barrier from the stanchion as if he was about to let a person in and appeared to write something down on a clipboard.

The incident got spookier when the guard motions with his right hand as if he is telling instructing someone to walk ahead before he places the clipboard on top of the desk.

WATCH VIDEO: Bizarre moment security guard checks in ‘ghost patient’ at hospital  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11454143/Bizarre-moment-Argentina-hospital-security-guard-checked-ghost-patient.html#v-1306510711009491190

A security guard at a medical facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina, appeared to register a ghost patient the morning of November 11. The footage went viral, but the incident was cleared up by the hospital public relations director, who said the worker never logged in any patient and called the incident the works of what may have been a prank
The sliding entrance door at Finochettio Sanatorium were not functioning correctly and opened and closed 28 times before a security guard was caught on camera appearing to register a phantom patient

A second surveillance camera then shows the security guard grabbing a wheelchair and gesturing with his hands as if he was telling someone where to walk.

He later pushed the wheelchair against the wall and returned to his desk.

Local Argentina news outlets reported that the guard had registered the name of a woman who had died at the hospital the previous day.

A Buenos Aires hospital security guard may have pulled off a viral prank when he was caught on camera appearing to welcome a ghost patient the morning of November 11
The guard, who is contracted by a security agency, pulls the retractable belt barrier from the stanchion
The security guard at one point made a gesture with his hand as if he was instructing a person where to go
The guard was also captured by a second security camera pushing a wheelchair and had a conversation with a ghost patient before he placed the wheelchair back and returned to his desk

However, the hospital media relations director Guillermo Capuya cleared up the confusion and confirmed that the entrance door had a problem, which had caused it to open 28 times during a period of 10 hours.

He said that the security guard’s strange behavior that was captured on camera could have been the doings of a prank.

“I don’t know if to make a joke or what, but it went viral. What I don’t believe in is ghosts,” Capuya said.

He added the security guard, who was hired through an outside agency, never logged in the name of any patient.

“They said that the person registered someone who had died, and that is not there, there is nothing, there is no record log that shows this person,” Capuya said. “He says it, the name is not registered.”

By Adry Torres For Dailymail.com22:18 21 Nov 2022, updated 22:55 21 Nov 2022

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