Homeschool your kids — they may be thankful that you did

Homeschool your kids — they may be thankful that you did

If I ever have children, they will never darken the door of a public school.

Parents who choose to homeschool can provide a much higher caliber of education than a public school, plus their kids won’t be subjected to a barrage of unbiblical left-wing ideology.

I’m thankful that I spent hardly any time attending public school, that my mom taught me how to write, and that I was homeschooled for the latter portion of my pre-college education.

While I went to public school for a few months at the beginning of first grade, I ended up attending a private Christian school for the remainder of that year through the end of seventh grade.

My mom homeschooled me in eighth grade, but I wanted to attend public school for high school. That lasted even less time than my public school stint in first grade — I bailed after only a few days.

I ended up doing various forms of homeschooling throughout my high school years, including a co-op in ninth grade that involved two days of in-person classes per week and copious quantities of homework. In 10th through 12th grades, my education involved various formats such as homeschool curricula, online courses, and in-person classes with other homeschoolers.

Obviously, not everyone has the financial resources or time necessary to homeschool, but parents can still educate their children. My mom taught me how to write, beginning while I was attending private Christian school and continuing into my homeschooling years — and that skill carried through college and into my current career.

For parents who have the ability to homeschool, I’d highly recommend choosing that path — your kids just may be thankful that you did.


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