Tampax Under Fire over ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Sexual’ Social Media Post

Tampax Under Fire over ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Sexual’ Social Media Post


Tampax is under fire after the company posted what some are deeming an “inappropriate” and “sexual” social media post advertising their products.

Some social media users descended into a frenzy after the Procter & Gamble-owned company posted a cheeky tweet spoofing the online phenomenon known as “sliding into DMs,” or directly messaging a person on social media, oftentimes to initiate a romantic query.

“You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We are not the same,” the post reads:


Many criticized the company’s joke, accusing it of sexualizing women.

“Real weird for a company that sells products made for woman’s natural bodily functions to make a tweet sexualizing woman for using their products…. lmfaooo fire ur social media manager, this is gross,” one wrote.

“So periods are now automatically sexual according to you?” one user asked. 

“Your tweet is gross, it’s pedophilic. Who wrote this? Wait: I think I know the answer,” another wrote as one remarked, “This took me several moments to understand as the vile misogyny was unexpected from a company that sells exclusively to women & girls. You really hate us.”

Another concluded Tampax has “zero respect for women” who purchase its products.

“Misogynist men making degrading jokes about women to make other misogynist men feel good – all behind the corporate logo,” a Twitter user added as others deemed the post “disgusting and creepy.”

Tampax, however, doubled down on social media, resharing the post with the added remark, “refused to let twitter shut down before we shared this tweet”:

As a result, #BoycottTampax took off on social media. 

This is hardly the first time the company has waded into controversy. This round of backlash comes two years after the company made waves after asserting that “not all people with periods are women,” catering to the widespread transgender push by the radical left:



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