Abused pit bull found in EXCRUCIATING pain with zip-tied genitals in horrific case of animal cruelty

Abused pit bull found in EXCRUCIATING pain with zip-tied genitals in horrific case of animal cruelty

By Kunal Dey

Warning: This article contains graphic content that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

JACKSON COUNTY, GEORGIA: A pit bull mix was reportedly found abandoned on the side of a road in excruciating pain as his genitals were left zip-tied by his abusers. Officials from the Northeast Georgia Humane Society said it was one of the worst animal cruelty cases they had come across.

Animal control officials in Jackson County are investigating the disturbing dog abuse case after the pooch required emergency surgery within hours of being found because he was so badly injured. The canine, deemed to be around three years old, has since been named Nelson. He was spotted by a concerned resident on November 2 about 10 minutes from the Jackson County Animal Control Center, along Academy Church Road.

Speaking to Fox 5 Atlanta, Humane Society of Northeast Georgia CEO Allison Mayfield said, “I can’t wrap my mind around it … I can’t even think about how someone could consider doing that to an animal.” She said the zip tie was wrapped so tightly around Nelson’s genitals and left him in so much pain that county officials initially considered euthanizing the pup. However, they decided to try their luck with the humane society, which fortunately offered to take him. Mayfield said they rushed Nelson to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine where he underwent emergency surgery.

“I literally laid on the floor of my office with him for hours in tears. I could never imagine why someone would do that to such a sweet boy,” Mayfield continued. “We want people to know that animal cruelty is a very real thing, and we are going to fight with everything we’ve got.” Speaking of the surgery, she explained, “If you can imagine a full abdominal surgery, that’s basically what they did, and rerouted his urethra.”

UGA officials concluded that Nelson had suffered penile necrosis due to strangulation and would need to have the entire organ removed to save him. The veterinarians subsequently decided to reroute his urethra to his rear abdomen in a bid to allow normal urinary function. Two weeks after the surgery, Nelson is recovering under the care of a foster parent through the humane society shelter. Mayfield said they are hoping to find him a forever home soon.

Nelson will continue to heal for weeks or even months before he is able to regain full function without pain. The humane society is now hoping authorities are able to track down the person responsible for Nelson’s injuries. Animal control officials, however, do not have any leads at the time of publication. Mayfield said that the humane society wants to highlight the need for donations to help animals like Nelson through its “Season of Saves” initiative “Cruelty to animals does exist, and it exists in a very traumatic and real form that is beyond anything some of us could imagine,” she said, adding, “What my vision for the humane society is that we never have to say no to an animal like Nelson.”



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