100-story Dubai ‘hypertower’ to take crown as world’s tallest residential address


This building is going for the Guinness.

The in-the-works skyscraper to end all skyscrapers is topped by a glittering spire.

In Dubai, a new structure is set to steal the title of the world’s tallest residential building from the current trophy-holder, the Central Park Tower on 57th Street in Manhattan.

Slated to rise more than 100 stories high, the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences building is being explicitly built for the purpose of scraping more clouds than a building has ever scraped before.

The giant’s goal is “to set a record as one of the tallest residential constructions in the world” watchmaker Jacob & Co. and Emirati development firm Binghatti, who are collaborating on the colossus, said in a statement, the Daily Mail reported.

“What Binghatti has done in real estate, by creating a brand through a distinct design philosophy and architectural identity is very similar to what Jacob & Co has done in the world of jewelry and horology,” added Binghatti CEO Muhammad Binghatti. “Both our brands are born from the sheer desire to achieve what breaks boundaries.”

dubai hypertower renderings
The skyscraper is topped by a crown of spires.
Binghatti Developers
dubai hypertower renderings
The “hypertower” is set to steal the title of the world’s tallest residential building from the Central Park Tower, pictured here.
Getty Images

There will also be an “exclusive private club” equipped with an infinity pool and a large lounge area within the tower. An opening date for the building has not yet been announced.

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