The ‘Cheetos Duster’ Turns Cheetos Snacks Into ‘Cheetle’ Seasoning

The ‘Cheetos Duster’ Turns Cheetos Snacks Into ‘Cheetle’ Seasoning

Kaycee Rogers

First and foremost, did everyone know there is a name for Cheetos Dust or did I miss the memo? The deliciously orange dust that lingers on your fingertips (because obviously you ate way more than the recommended serving) is in fact called Cheetle. And the new Cheetos Duster, the brand’s first ever cooking gadget, allows us to use the snack’s bold flavor, Cheetle, in a variety of ways.

Working the mini-machine is rather ch-easy to use. Fill the main jar with any Cheetos snack, screw it back onto the base and press the button to blend. It turns any-and-all Cheetos snacks into the perfect ingredient for your recipes, whether it be mac and cheese, spaghetti, tacos, burgers, sushi, pizza, that poorly seasoned Thanksgiving meal, etc.


Most of us are adults here, so we can accept the fact that the Cheetos Duster is nothing more than an excessive, intensely orange micro food processor, but for $19.99 this might just be the perfect foodie gift to help get toppings poppin’. The holidays just got a lot cheesier.

So act fast because Cheetos claims only a limited quantity are available. The Cheetos Duster was produced in partnership with Amazon and is accessible solely through the online retailer

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