Four Men Sentenced For Drugging And Raping Each Others Wives In Singapore

Four Men Sentenced For Drugging And Raping Each Others Wives In Singapore


Four men who drugged and raped each other’s wives have allegedly been sentenced in Singapore, Wednesday.

Due to gag orders, the men cannot be named, but were part of a seven-man group. Each agreed to drug his respective wife so the other men could rape her, according to Channel News Asia. All but one of those sentenced received lengthy sentences and at least 20 strokes of the cane for their crimes.

The men, who are between 37 and 53 years old, were accused of exposing their wives to unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases, as well as subjecting them drugging and rape, CNA noted. “This is betrayal of trust of the most egregious kind,” Justice Pang Khang Chau said of the case.


He furthered that these offenses went back almost a decade and were part of “a long-last campaign involving a wide web of victims,” CNA continued. Several other cases are pending related to the conspiracy.

One of the men asked one of the others to purposefully impregnate his wife, according to another report by CNA.

One of the pending cases involves one of the wives who was allegedly drugged, blindfolded, and raped multiple times over the course of several years by different men, and only discovered the extent of the crimes when she found nude images of herself in a group chat on her husband’s phone, CNA reported.

The assailants reportedly met through an online platform dedicated to wife-sharing fantasies. The lowest sentence issued to the guilty thus far is 13 years and six months in prison, CNA noted.

Caning as a use of punishment has been part of the norm in Singapore for criminals convicted of sexual crimes, according to Corpun.
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