Texas man dancing on top of 18-wheeler dies after he was knocked off while going under a bridge

Texas man dancing on top of 18-wheeler dies after he was knocked off while going under a bridge

By Divya Kishore

Warning: Content may be graphic, reader discretion is advised.

HOUSTON, TEXAS: A man lost his life dancing on the roof of an 18-wheeler. The identity of the person is not yet known. However, it is said that he was 25 years old and died on Thursday, November 10, after apparently engaging in a dangerous stunt on the US-59 Eastex Freeway at Tuam Street, where he was fatally struck while going under the Tuam Street bridge.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly had no idea about the man dancing on the roof of the vehicle. The 18-wheeler was traveling southbound when the accident occurred. According to authorities, the victim was not only dancing but also filming himself before being struck by the bridge and falling off the highway. He was taken to a hospital but could not be saved. The driver of the vehicle was questioned by police but later released, while the investigation into the case is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Grizzy’s Hood News reportedly was the first one to share about the accident on Facebook, which attracted a lot of comments. A user wrote, “This is so sad, kid was just having fun and thought nothing bad would happen, so many of us have done crazy things in our youth oblivious of the possible consequences. I pray that his family can have peace and strength during this time. I’m sure he was the life of the party. Poor kid. I’m assuming he was young. I hope many with his same spirit will learn to have boundaries and think about consequences before doing things like this.”

Another user said, “So sad no one told the driver of the truck that the guy was up there 😢 maybe he would have pulled over and gotten him off – Hopefully he didn’t ignore the situation 😕.” The third user commented: “Sadly, the fact of the matter is a terrible decision was made that cost him his life. Please don’t be harsh or unsympathetic toward his actions. This man must have family out there. Please be careful with your words. RIP young man.”

“People who would do something like this need mental health help. Unfortunately, that’s so extremely difficult to get in our country because it’s way undervalued. So many of these senseless deaths could be prevented by people having access to help,” the fourth user suggested. “Is this another tik tok challenge ? So sad . So many of these kids on car roofs on the freeways,” the fifth one shared.

“Prayer’s for the truck driver so he doesn’t get charged for someone’s ignorance and I pray for this person’s family and friends but he or she shouldn’t be doing nonsense like this for fb or TikTok it’s not worth losing your life I apologize but it’s my opinion God bless 🙏🏻 America ❤️💯‼️” a Facebook comment added.

There were a few reactions on Twitter and YouTube as well as a person tweeted: “S*** happens must have been on drugs.” The second one said, “Proving Once Again…You Can’t Fix Stupid…No matter how good Stupid Can Dance!!!…” “This is really sad. I wonder what was going through his mind to bring him to take such a stupid risk. It’s crazy how one stupid bad decision caused his whole life to end,” a YouTube comment read.


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