Pop-Tarts Wants to Pay Your Mortgage this Holiday

Pop-Tarts Wants to Pay Your Mortgage this Holiday

Nirmala Singh

Pop-Tarts is calling all millennials for the best Christmas present yet — a chance to win money toward their mortgage! We all know we flock to Zillow like it was a new dating app and overbid on houses just to get that unbelievable kitchen or bathroom.

Pop-Tarts even went so far to list the first-ever Gingerbread Pop-Tarts House on Zillow. Four beds, two baths, it’s a steal. The master bedroom even has a beautiful window cubby to enjoy that winter view of snow right on the edge of every tree tip. What’s not to like?



But in all seriousness, this house isn’t for sale, but Pop-Tarts is giving one fan $15,000, which apparently is enough to cover the average annual US mortgage. Coming from a new homeowner, it isn’t, but we’ll take it!

So how do you win the money? All you have to do is build your Frosted Gingerbread Pop-Tarts dream house for a chance to win $$$ toward your real dream house.

To enter, post a picture of your Pop-Tarts Gingerbread house on Instagram or Twitter with #GingerbreadPopTartEntry. You can also enter via mail-in entry. The complete official rules are here. Also, check out this killer bathroom with a hot tub.



Why is Pop-Tart doing this? To celebrate the holidays, of course, and to help make gingerbread house-making easier with their relaunch of Frosted Gingerbread Pop-Tarts (initially available in 2012).

Topped with snowy white icing and decorated with nine holiday designs, these festive snacks will elevate any gingerbread house, replacing dry, stale cookies with crazy-good, gingerbread-filled toaster pastries. This limited-edition flavor is on shelves now.


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