Heartwarming Photo of Devoted Coal Miner Dad Goes Viral

Heartwarming Photo of Devoted Coal Miner Dad Goes Viral

By Margaret Flavin

In a society that celebrates millionaire athletes and actors for little in the way of substance, a refreshingly humble photo of a devoted dad has taken the internet by storm.

Michael McGuire is a coal miner and devoted father in Kentucky.  Lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fans, his family was headed to UK’s Blue and White scrimmage in Pikesville, KY.

Unable to go home to shower, McGuire rushed to the stadium fresh from work, covered head-to-toe in coal dust, to not miss his son’s first game.

Sue Kinneer (identified later in a tweet by Kentucky coach John Calipari) snapped a photo of McGuire next to his son and the simple, yet powerful image caught the attention of millions who were touched by the example of fatherly love.

Kentucky’s  men’s basketball head coach John Calipari shared the image after the game.


Calipari spoke about what the simple, powerful moment meant to him.

“I was sent the picture and never even looked at who sent it to me, because when I saw the picture I was like, it hit me right between the eyes when I saw it. I had to find out later because I went to coffee shop ‘which one of you guys sent me this?’ My being staff it was ended up Mark Hill…I don’t know where he found it or where he saw it… so when we put it out we got business owner, I mean you know, so I called when we find out who it was, I called and it was, we had Molly McGuire’s name…”

“…We talked for a while and what I got was…because you guys are looking at it as though, here’s a guy …and we know the power of basketball in our state.  We all know it, you saw it when I went out this summer and you see it.  But my thought was, that’s what this is about. He wanted to be there so bad that he was willing to leave without showering, without changing,  just get in his car and go because he got out of the mine late.”


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