Texas Democrats blame ‘mind blowing’ GOP dark money for midterm beatdown

Texas Democrats blame ‘mind blowing’ GOP dark money for midterm beatdown

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Michael Murney –

Texas Democrats blamed “mind blowing” amounts of dark money benefitting Republican candidates for losses incurred by their party in the 2022 midterms. These remarks were circulated to party members in an internal memo following Tuesday’s elections, according to The Texas Tribune’s James Barragán.

On nearly every ballot across the state, there was a race that was fueled by levels of Republican dark money–much of it from outside the state of Texas–impacting voters’ decision-making through multimillion-dollar paid advertising campaigns broadcasting completely nonsensical, bad-faith misinformation about democratic opponents,” Jamarr Brown, Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party,  wrote in the memo.

Nowhere was the dump of Republican funding more pronounced than in Harris County, where conservative political newcomer and relative unknown Alexandra del Moral Mealer raised nearly $9 million from July through October alone. Through big donations from right-wing donors and prominent Houston-area conservatives, Mealer shattered campaign fundraising records on her path to a razor-thin defeat in the Harris County Judge’s race.

The memo was sent to “Staff and Stakeholders” and is titled 2022 Midterm Election Results–Early Analysis.” It also lists a number of other factors as primary causes behind Democrats’ failures in “marquee statewide races,” one example being a “lack of deeper investment from national Democratic organizations.”

“We are not asking for national Democratic organizations to send more money to Texas just to light it on fire,” Democratic Party chairman Brown wrote. “We are asking them to invest more money in us.”

Beyond hyper-investment from Republicans and anemic investments from big donors within their own party, Democrats pointed to “border security and crime-related messaging” and “Texas Republicans’ brutal campaign of highly-targeted voter suppression,” the internal memo shows.

Despite key wins in local Harris County races, Democrats could not score victory in races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Attorney General. Most notably, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke lost by nearly 10 points to incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, despite a strong fundraising performance in the final months of the race.



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