FBI Arrests Disabled Marine, VA Cancels His Benefits For Peaceful Protest

FBI Arrests Disabled Marine, VA Cancels His Benefits For Peaceful Protest

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By The Geller Report

The Jan 6th political persecutions are nothing than a Kafkaesque kangaroo court designed to criminalize opposition to the totalitarian Democrat regime. It’s all a massive theatrical production with real life repercussions carefully calculated to cover the Democrats insurrectionist election theft and treasonous “Russia hoax” crimes designed to oust a sitting president.

The unconstitutional prosecution of this disabled Marine is egregious and unconscionable. If America continues to allow this, no one is safe.

Zach Rehl did nothing wrong. He is a Marine Corps veteran and a true patriot. I am proud of him for standing tall in the face of Soviet-level persecution, intimidation, and yes, torture. I urge all Americans, and my fellow Marines to support his cause!https://t.co/eSAMYswCAO

— Boomer Chimichanga (@DCChimichanga) October 28, 2022

VA Suspends Benefit of Nonviolent Marine Corps Veteran Zach Rehl Charged with Seditious Conspiracy and Held Without Bail – Despite No Altercations with Police, Brought No Weapons, or Vandalized Property on Jan. 6th — PLEASE HELP https://t.co/olUfuXwULO #americangulag

— William Kiloski (@WKiloski) October 13, 2022

Judicial Watch reporting:

Patriot Zach Rehl received an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps…and received a 100% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

But the FBI raided his home on March 17th, 2021, arrested him, and threw him in jail for peacefully protesting the stolen 2020 Presidential election at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Zach didn’t attack the U.S. Capitol Police. (His own father and grandfather were Philadelphia cops, like my brother, for Pete’s sake.)

Zach didn’t break anything, or even hurt anyone’s feelings with harsh words.

He simply exercised his right to free speech as an American citizen.

Zach has been held without bail this entire time.

What’s more, he hasn’t had the chance to hold his baby girl even once.

And to add insult to injury, the VA notified his wife, Amanda, that they were cutting off Zach’s disability payments because he’d been charged with seditious conspiracy. Just charged – not convicted!

As you can imagine, all of this has been brutally hard on Zach, his wife, and two daughters. No freedom…no rights…no due process…IN AMERICA!

If the Biden Justice Department and its FBI can push around and seek to destroy a peaceful, disabled Marine veteran for exercising his right to free speech, they can push you and me, our families, friends, and fellow Americans around, too.

You and I, and the people we love in are in grave danger.

Zach warns about that in a letter to his wife:

“They are jailing innocent people on bogus and trumped-up charges because those people simply supported the sitting president Donald Trump at the time; which is absolutely insane. If you think it can’t happen to you, look at me, because if it can happen to me, trust me, it can happen to you.”


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