Andy Dick Grabbed Pamela Anderson’s Breasts In 2005 During Comedy Central Roast

Andy Dick Grabbed Pamela Anderson’s Breasts In 2005 During Comedy Central Roast


Andy Dick grabbed Pamela Anderson’s breasts during a Comedy Central roast in 2005, Fox News reports.

Dick has been accused of groping a woman in Los Angeles. Earlier this week, he was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and misdemeanor simple battery for allegedly groping a woman who was walking down the sidewalk on April 5.

The woman filed a police report, alleging the 52-year-old comedian squeezed her buttocks twice as he walked past her and made lewd comments, according to TMZ. His arraignment is scheduled for July 18.

The newly surfaced video stems from a roast on Comedy Central in 2005 for the “Baywatch” star and shows the 52-year-old comedian walking up to the actress and pretending to be a plastic surgeon before grabbing her breast stating “how well-engineered they were,” according to Fox News Friday.

“This is all standard procedure,” Dick explained to the audience as Anderson appeared shocked, but laughs along.

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“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” singer Courtney Love — who was part of the roast — can be overheard saying.

“Don’t worry, she can’t feel any of this,” the comedian added.

To which Anderson quickly replied, “I can so.”

Afterward, he attempts to grab and unbutton the rocker’s top, but she stops him by standing up and slapping him across the face.

In another video that surfaced Wednesday from an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2007, Dick is a guest with Ivanka Trump and can be seen rubbing her legs before she slaps them away.


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