Trans influencer Nikita Dragun was placed in men’s jail after arrest, rep calls it ‘extremely disturbing’

Trans influencer Nikita Dragun was placed in men’s jail after arrest, rep calls it ‘extremely disturbing’

By Srijal Sharma

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Transgender influencer Nikita Dragun’s representative has slammed Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade County for allegedly holding her in a men’s jail facility after her arrest. Though Dragun was freed from custody on Wednesday, November 9, less than 48 hours after her arrest, representative Jack Ketsoyan said in a statement, “The situation with Nikita, who is legally female, being placed in a men’s unit of a Florida jail is extremely disturbing and dangerous.”

On Monday afternoon, November 7, Dragun was arrested after the security at The Goodtime Hotel in South Beach complained that she was causing a disturbance and was walking around the pool area without clothes. According to The Daily Beast report, the police found her playing loud music in her room. After a brief exchange of words, Dragun opened the door and according to police, she swung an open water bottle in the direction of a security guard and an officer. A felony battery against an officer, a misdemeanor battery, and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge were brought against Dragun. Her description as an “Asian female” and the use of he/him pronouns are also included in the police report.

Ketsoyan further said: “This decision made by the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department directly violates their protocol, which mandates that transgender inmates are classified and housed based on safety needs and gender identity. Nikita has been released and is now safe.”




Dragun appeared remotely before a Miami-Dade court on Wednesday, November 9 according to a viral video on social media. Dragun asks the judge in the video, “Do I still have to stay here in the men’s unit?” while sporting an orange jumpsuit. Before appearing to refer the matter back to the jail, the judge responds that she “doesn’t make the rules up there.”

Social media were quick to react to it with one Twitter user saying, “i’m not the biggest fan of nikita dragun however her being put in the MENS unit in the prison when she is a woman is completely out of control and needs to be fixed asap no matter your thoughts on her that’s such a unsafe environment for her and such a disrespect for trans ppl.” Another wrote, “What would stop men that she is forced to be with probably unsupervised, to not hurt or SA this woman. Especially with the stigma. She’s unprotected and it’s wrong.” A third commented, “Exactly, this situation makes me so mad, I don defend her in any way but this is completely unacceptable.” While a fourth wrote, “I’m curious what the “right solution” is? She feels unsafe being in mens unit. What about women that see her as a man and feel unsafe?” A fifth tweeted, “It’s jail not prison they are awaiting trial,or waiting bail or messed up on parole. In prison they trans have protection she’s not the only trans in a man’s jail.”


Dragun has a massive fanbase of 9 million Instagram followers and 3.5 million YouTube subscribers. She has also appeared in the Netflix reality series ‘Hype House’ this year.

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