Howard Stern: ‘Saving democracy’ is biggest issue, ‘hillbillies don’t realize it’

Howard Stern: ‘Saving democracy’ is biggest issue, ‘hillbillies don’t realize it’

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Julia Johnson

Howard Stern told listeners Monday that “saving democracy” ought to be the most important issue in the midterm elections on Tuesday.

“That’s the only f****** issue on the table,” he said during his SiriusXM radio show. He brushed off concerns over the economy, claiming it’s a “worldwide” issue and blaming it on the war in Ukraine.

“I don’t know how some of these hillbillies don’t realize it,” Stern added.

Polls routinely show inflation and the economy as top issues for voters, often followed by gas prices, crime, immigration, and abortion. Despite this, Stern said, “I would love to tell the people out there who think that’s not a big issue: The sad fact is you’ve never lived under an authoritarian regime.”

The host added that he loves America and worries that it may become ruled by an authoritarian regime.

“I’m going to suggest to you that the things you enjoy about this country, the freedoms, they will all be gone when you elect someone who says, ‘I don’t believe the vote. F*** you. We’re going and we’re taking over.’ That’s how Hitler came to power,” he said.

“This is the Republican rap now,” he claimed. “I used to believe in the Republican Party. I had many, many candidates that I enjoyed, who I knew personally, that I can’t go along with this nonsense.”

“I don’t think there’s a more important issue on the table,” the host reiterated.

“I happen to think Biden’s doing a good job,” Stern said. He ceded that the country does face “certain issues,” but ” the one thing we got is our freedom.”

“I like waking up in an America where I know that the United States senators, people in Congress, and the president all believe in America — not in a dictatorship.”

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