Paul Pelosi opened door and ‘calmly’ greeted officers after attack, claims cops who responded to 911 call

Paul Pelosi opened door and ‘calmly’ greeted officers after attack, claims cops who responded to 911 call

By Rohit Upadhyay

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: The latest revelation in the Paul Pelosi attack has left many baffled as police sources close to the investigation have claimed that the victim seemed calm and walked right back into his house where the officers saw the intruder with a hammer. The attacker David DePape is under arrest for forcefully entering the house of the US Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. After failing to find his prime victim, he held Paul hostage and attacked him instead with a hammer. During the police investigation, DePape told the authorities that he intended to break Nancy’s kneecaps.

The current claim is made by an NBC news report, where many are now wondering the extent of Paul’s injury and about his mental state during his alleged attack after he “walked several feet back into the house, away from the cops.” Moreover, the San Francisco police report suggests that both Pelosi and the intruder had got hold of a hammer when the police squad responded to a 911 distress call. When police ordered, “Drop the hammer!” it left them confused.



DePape raised the hammer and said, ‘um, nope’ and attempted to pull it away from Pelosi who exclaimed “hey, hey!” According to a request for a federal criminal complaint and arrest warrant written by San Francisco FBI special agent Stephanie Minor, DePape then took control of the hammer and struck Pelosi in the head, rendering him unconscious.

It was found that the attacker had zip ties with him when he managed to sneak into the Pelosi residence in Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, shouting “Where’s Nancy?”, to which Paul told him that she was not there and won’t be home for many more days. Interestingly, the callout for the US Speaker was the same as Capitol rioters on January 6, as per the Daily Mail.

DePape then told him that he would wait for her, and after a while, Paul Pelosi managed to gain into access the bathroom and called 911. DePape has told the officers after being arrested that he planned to hold Nancy Pelosi captive and break her kneecaps if the speaker “lied” and would let her go if she spoke the “truth.”

The police team of Kolby Wilmes and Kyle Cagney reached minutes after the 911 call and rang the doorbell. Paul Pelosi opened the door, with his left hand despite being warned by DePape to stop and not open it. The report also claims that Paul was calm and greeted them.

Paul Pelosi has been sent back home by the hospital on Thursday, November 3, where he was allegedly attacked a week ago by 42-year-old DePape. Police sources also divulged that they were unaware it was Nancy Pelosi’s residence, who has enlisted security details and was campaigning in Washington, DC at that time.

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