King Charles STILL travels with childhood teddy bear which has it own personal valet, says royal biographer

King Charles STILL travels with childhood teddy bear which has it own personal valet, says royal biographer

By Hanika Kashyap

LONDON, ENGLAND: In an interview with ET’s Rachel Smith, the author of ‘The King: The Life of Charles III’ dug deeper into King Charles‘ travel must-haves along with his time in a Scottish boarding school. It appears that the new monarch of England is emotionally attached to his childhood teddy bear, author Christopher Anderson revealed.

The King’s biography which is scheduled to launch next week contains a mention of the then Prince Charles‘ love for his stuffed animal which he could not travel without. The toy is so precious to the King that he has assigned a personal valet for it. “He still travels with a childhood teddy bear,” said the royal biographer Christopher Anderson to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, November 1.


“He’s had it since he was a very small child. The only person who’s been allowed to mend King Charles’ teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to,” he continued.

It was Michael Fawcett who was tasked with taking care of the bear at all times. And whenever the King’s favorite toy needed repairing, his childhood nanny Anderson was summoned from her retirement to stitch up the bear.

“He was well into his forties and every time that teddy needed to be repaired, you would think it was his own child having major surgery,” Anderson wrote.

According to The Sun, Anderson was the only applicant who was not nervous during her interview as an assistant nurse in the royal family. Soon, she worked her way up and became one of the Firm and the King’s most trusted servants.

Royal author Ingrid Seward has revealed that Mabel and Charles were close to the point that he feared leaving for boarding school without her. It could be because of his dreadful time at the Scottish boarding school. “What he went through is really quite alarming. As a boy, as a young man, he was routinely beaten by older students, hung up naked in a shower and sprayed with cold water, and left there. He was pummelled and wrestled to the ground,” Anderson revealed.

However, his family did not offer any assistance and instead turned a blind eye to the bullying. “He wrote these pleading letters to his parents to please take him out of the school… By today’s standards, it would be akin to hazing or child abuse frankly, and yet his parents turned a blind eye to it. I think that caused a tremendous resentment.”

The time in school and being neglected by both of his parents affected Charles’ demeanor, according to Anderson. The writer claimed that His Majesty is “very moody, very temperamental,” and the root cause of this can be traced back to his childhood. “He has a volcanic temper, in fact, he’s very capable of flying into rages,” he continued.


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