A Scottish Man Went on Trial as Two Genders

A Scottish Man Went on Trial as Two Genders


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The only surprise is that it did not happen here. A Scottish man who also identifies as a woman recently made two court appearances apparently on the same day. He faced charges as each gender. Stay with me here; this gets a little complicated. You may want to take notes. On second thought, maybe not. You may want to forget all about this as soon as you finish reading it.

Fifty-year-old Alan/Alannah Morgan, who the Scottish Sun refers to as a flasher, no less, was recently in court and was given a sentence of three months of “Restricted Liberty.”

Scotland is known for Macbeth, haggis, broadswords, castles, “Scotland the Brave” played on bagpipes, kilts, Braveheart, and lake monsters. In fact, two lake monsters, Nessie and Morag. What happened, Scotland? You used to be cool. Actually, Scotland has been trending downward to wokeness for a long time now, so a comedy routine such as this was more or less inevitable.

All right, are you ready? Let’s try to sort this out. Then, it is drinks for everybody! Trust me, you’re going to need one. Or three.

Appearing as Alannah, Morgan admitted to acting in a “threatening or abusive manner” at Happyhillock Road because he screamed and hit a floor. No, really. That occurred in February of last year. In the same complaint, Alannah also had a knife and verbally abused another person in April. That same month, Alannah also indulged in abusive behavior. This consisted of shouting incoherently, throwing slices of pizza around a public street, and urinating in public.

Hang on, we’re not done.

As Alan, Morgan “was charged with acting in a threatening or abusive manner and adopting an aggressive demeanour while making derogatory remarks to police in the city’s Brewery Lane on 3 January this year.” The Sun says he was already subject to an “anti-social behaviour order.”

No kidding.

In March 2022 Alan also threw a skateboard around a public street, kicked garbage cans, shouted, swore, and made offensive remarks to police. Once he arrived at the clink, Morgan began spitting and pulling his pants down to exhibit his nether regions. His lawyer told the court that Morgan has health issues that make him unsuitable for community service and asked that he be given a pass on a jail sentence because he/she/it was extremely distressed at the thought of doing time. Most people are. He ended up sentenced to a version of house arrest. He has to stay indoors from 7 at night until 7 in the morning every day.

So this is where Scotland is, and for that matter, where we are as well. Morgan may have some very serious mental health issues, and even if jail is not the answer, someone with this level of disconnect needs serious supervision.

On the other hand, Morgan may well be an immature, entitled jerk and a career low-level criminal cum delinquent who has figured out how to work the system. And he realizes that by playing the transgender card and playing fast and loose with his pronouns, he can try for an extra layer of immunity when it comes to facing the music.

Either way, this is coming to a courtroom near you sometime, if it hasn’t already. We already have male offenders identifying as women to change their incarceration locales. Dual trials can’t be that far off.


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