‘End anti-white bigotry’: New ad denounces systemic racism against white people

‘End anti-white bigotry’: New ad denounces systemic racism against white people

A new ad airing in various states around the country challenges the notion that so-called “white supremacy” is the biggest threat America faces today.

The new ad was created by a group called America First Legal, an organization established by Stephen Miller, a longtime adviser to former President Donald Trump.

The ad indicates that, in the last two years, the Biden administration has imposed a racist agenda which systemically discriminates against white people based on their skin color.

“When did racism against white people become OK?” the ad opens. It then claims that Biden discriminated against white people when appropriating funds for COVID relief; that Vice President Kamala Harris called for “communities of color” to receive assistance for climate disasters ahead of their white counterparts; and that whites have faced racial discrimination in higher education, from global corporations, and from those in the health care and airline industries.

“Racism is always wrong,” the ad notes at the closing. “The left’s anti-white bigotry must stop. We are all entitled to equal treatment under the law.”.

The ad also shows signs that read:

  • “Progressives discriminat[e] against white Americans,”
  • “Stop left-wing racism,” and
  • “End anti-white bigotry.”


A TV version of the ad has appeared throughout Georgia in the run-up to the midterm elections. It has also reportedly appeared in radio form in various swing states, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas.

Since the ad first hit the airwaves, left-leaning groups have issued fact-checks attempting to demonstrate that it peddles misinformation. FactCheck.org claimed that “Harris’ words were being lifted out of context.” The Root added that Biden’s COVID relief policies did not discriminate against whites per se and that the ad had “left out” key context regarding women and veterans. Politico called the ad “one of the most openly race-based spots of the cycle.”

However, those on the right insist that the information in the ad is true, even if it casts doubt on prevailing narratives about white supremacy.

Jesse Kelly stated in the tweet above that the ad presents “facts.”

Jack Posobiec of Human Events added, “Everything this ad says happened though.”

Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter retweeted the ad and advised, “Vote against racist Democrats.”

Miller rose to prominence during the Trump administration, advocating for strict enforcement of immigration laws and for a ban on immigrants from countries known to sponsor terrorism. Miller and the rest of America First Legal have already won a lawsuit on behalf of white restaurant owners in Texas. The group has also filed legal claims against Starbucks, some federal agencies, and several elite universities for discriminating against white people.

On its website, America First Legal claims to be “fighting back against lawless executive actions and the Radical Left.”


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