Democrat John Fetterman Stands Behind Freeing Convicted Killers from Prison: ‘Proud to Run on My Record’

Democrat John Fetterman Stands Behind Freeing Convicted Killers from Prison: ‘Proud to Run on My Record’


Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D), running against Republican Mehmet Oz for the state’s open United States Senate seat, says he is “proud to run” on his record of helping to free and attempting to free a number of convicted murderers from prison.

In an interview with WGAL News 8’s Barbara Barr, Fetterman was asked about his voting record on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons where he consistently helped free and tried to free inmates convicted of brutal murders.

When asked if he would vote differently in any of the cases where he sought to free convicted murderers from prison, Fetterman said he was “proud” of his record.

The exchange went as follows:


BARR: Do you feel you’ve been maybe too sympathetic toward folks who committed crimes and are in prison – giving them a second chance – and not as empathetic to victims and their families? [Emphsis added]

FETTERMAN: I’m the only candidate in this race that actually has a record of fighting against crime. As mayor of my community (Braddock), with a community that had a very significant gun violence issue, and that’s the reason why I ran for mayor in the first place. And I was successful to partner with the police, to fund the police and to plan one that is also working with the community. And we were successful. [Emphasis added]

BARR: Would you do any of those votes differently? [Emphasis added]

FETTERMAN: Again, I’m proud to run on my record on actually fighting gun violence and crime during my time as mayor. [Emphasis added]

As chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, Fetterman helped free a number of convicted murderers from prison and has suggested freeing a third — roughly 13,000 — of all inmates in the state’s prison system.

In 2019, Fetterman successfully helped free a convicted second-degree murderer who was known as “a son of the devil” and who had allegedly threatened witnesses in the case with murder if they testified against him.

That same year, Fetterman voted to free from prison a convicted murderer who killed a man with garden shears and sought to have a hitman murder his accomplice. In June 2021, Fetterman was the sole vote to free a convicted murderer who killed an 18-year-old boy for heroin money.

Fetterman, as Breitbart News reported, has overseen the release of 13 convicted murderers while heading the Board of Pardons. Also, one of Fetterman’s appointees to the board sought to end mandatory sentences of life without parole for first- and second-degree murderers.


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