This Russian Propaganda Video Is Hilarious, and It’s Not un-American to Say So

This Russian Propaganda Video Is Hilarious, and It’s Not un-American to Say So


Earlier this month, a clever bit of Russian propaganda made the viral rounds. The satirical short video is aimed at Russian citizens, or perhaps ethnically Russian Ukrainians, who are thinking of emigrating to the United States. It hammers the notion that defectors will somehow find more freedom in America, portraying the erstwhile beacon of liberty as a now completely repressed state under the thumb of woke insanity.

The video shows a Russian family on an airplane, finally fulfilling their dream of moving to the United States. But in short order, the Americans on the flight disabuse them of their immigrant dreams. Here’s the video:


That’s actually halfway decent satire. In fact, the United States has steamrollered people who define marriage as a husband and a wife, and some Americans do dress and act like slobs in public, and some liberals literally do bow down and apologize to black people, and vegetarians do try to shame meat eaters at times. The scene at the very end, where the whole family parachutes out of the woke plane, apologizing to Mother Russia and saying they’re coming back, is hilarious. It’s even a little sad — I wish we had a traditional, sane, functioning United States to parachute back into.

“My impression between this and what I’m seeing in Putin’s speeches for internal consumption is: freedom sells. Even in Russia,” notes a Russian-speaking friend who told me about the video. “But we’re hesitant to sell it here, and why is that?”

“The thought that comes to mind, and I guess the main point of this video is, ARE we as free as we think?” wonders my friend. “ARE we still an example of freedom for the rest of the world?”

I confess to wondering that myself at times. The United States sends garish, sexualized crossdressers to entertain children, it embraces globalist socialist green dreams while suppressing prosperity, it exports abortion and LGBTQ dogma to struggling nations, and it even has what sure looks like political prisoners these days. Are we still an example of freedom and goodness? It’s not un-American to ask.

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