Woman Returns Cats to Shelter All Because Her New Boyfriend Has a Dog

Woman Returns Cats to Shelter All Because Her New Boyfriend Has a Dog

Vincenza Belletti

She should’ve just gotten a new boyfriend instead.

When you adopt a pet, they become a member of your family, and they should be treated with unconditional love and compassion. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this and some pets are viewed as temporary and unimportant by their owners. Two cats were treated in this poor manner and our hearts are breaking for them.

TikTok user @fosteringfelinesoh recently shared a video of two cats who were adopted in 2021 and were returned to the shelter a year later. In the video, the user explains that their owners new boyfriend’s dog didn’t like the cats, their owner took them back to the shelter. Check out the video to see how precious these kitties are and help them find their new owner!

Awww, these cats are so sweet! We can’t believe their previous owner would give them up just for a new boyfriend. We hope they’re able to find a new mom or dad who will love them the way they deserve!

People in the comments were shocked that the cats’ mom gave them up for a new boy. @ladymarian1984 said, “Bye boyfriend, my cats are my babies forever,” and @xmissclemmx commented, “The boyfriend would never EVER dictate my fur babies place in my home.” We can’t imagine prioritizing a date over our beloved pets!

Others shared their wishes that these kitties are able to acclimate better to their environment and find a new loving home. @karensprayberrygr commented, “This hurts my heart. You can tell they are so confused. I pray someone will take them and keep them together.” Another user, @pinkkirby86, said, “I pray these babies find their forever home with someone who truly loves them.” They deserve so much better than the treatment they received from their previous owner!

We can’t imagine how confusing this must be for the kitties. We would never abandon our pets for someone that we were dating—our pets are like our children! Hopefully, they are adopted soon as a pair and don’t have to spend long in the shelter.





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