White Democrats More Offended Than Hispanics By Sombrero Halloween Costume

White Democrats More Offended Than Hispanics By Sombrero Halloween Costume


New polling found that self-described Democrats are more offended by a sombrero Halloween costume than Hispanics, according to a WPA Intelligence poll obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

The poll, conducted between Oct. 6-10, presented 1,000 respondents with pictures of people dressed in Halloween costumes and asked, “Do you believe these costumes to be good fun or racist?” One of the photos presented was of a white person wearing a Mexican sombrero.

Data from WPA Intelligence found that 55% of Hispanic respondents said that the costume is “good fun,” while 60% of self-described liberals said the costume is “racist.” Additionally, 50% of white Democrats said that the costume is “racist” and 55% of white Democratic women consider the costume racist.

A majority of respondents, 54%, said that the sombrero costume was worn in “good fun,” though a majority of Democratic respondents said that the costume is racist.

Republicans, 74%, and Independent voters, 50%, agreed that the costume was good fun. Individuals who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, 52%, said the costume was racist.

A majority of black respondents, 50%, also said the costume is racist.

The polling data reflects the sentiment that mainstream media outlets — many of which call for the censorship of Halloween costumes — are out of step with the American voter. In the lead-up to Halloween, several mainstream news outlets published articles calling for the end of “offensive” Halloween costumes.

The Hill published an article on the “history of racist Halloween costumes,” and Today published an article offering parenting advice on how to avoid “cultural appropriation on Halloween.” (


Comedian Bill Maher ripped many of these news outlets in a bit Friday night, stating that offended liberals should “stay the f**k home” on Halloween.

“I’m so tired of a handful of emotional hemophiliacs on social media telling us what we can’t do on Halloween,” Maher tweeted. “And by the way, please put drugs in my candy.”

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