Valerie Bertinelli Low-Key Admitted To Making Out With Famous Actor While Hubby Van Halen Was Nearby

Valerie Bertinelli Low-Key Admitted To Making Out With Famous Actor While Hubby Van Halen Was Nearby


Actress Valerie Bertinelli on Thursday subtly confirmed “Friends” star Matthew Perry’s claim in his upcoming memoir that he made out with her while she was married to Eddie Van Halen and he was passed out drunk next to them.

In the forthcoming “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” Perry described the kiss as a “long, elaborate make-out session” and said he “fell madly in love” with Bertinelli while they co-starred in the sitcom “Sydney,” according to Page Six.

Bertinelli low-key admitted to this encounter by releasing a TikTok video set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s song “Anti-Hero.” She captioned the video with the words, “Anyone misbehave in their 20s and early 30s? Are you mortified?”

Fans are loving Bertinelli’s subtle admission of guilt in the now-viral video.

She posted a snippet of the song, which is the lead single from Swift’s new album, “Midnights,” and although Bertinelli didn’t address the topic first-hand, it was evident to fans that she was responding to Perry’s make-out story.

Bertinelli put the camera on herself as she awkwardly peered into the lens, shared a grin with her fans, and mouthed the lyrics, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem,” perfectly synchronizing with Swift’s lyrics.

The famous actress then buried her head in her hands as if she had experienced a shy moment on-camera.


Perry revealed in his memoir that he fell pretty hard for Bertinelli after they shared a smooch.

“My crush was crushing; not only was she way out of my league, but she was also married to one of the most famous rock stars on the planet, Eddie Van Halen,” Perry wrote in his memoir, according to Page Six. “It is important to point out here that my feelings for Valerie were real.”

“I was completely captivated — I mean, I was obsessed with her and harbored elaborate fantasies about her leaving Eddie Van Halen and living out the rest of her days with me,” Perry confessed, according to Page Six.

Perry said Bertinelli professed to having the same feelings in the heat of the moment, but upon seeing one another again on set, she acted as though nothing had happened, according to Page Six.

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