Outrage as man in Nazi Halloween costume walks into NYC bar before shocked customers throw him out

Outrage as man in Nazi Halloween costume walks into NYC bar before shocked customers throw him out

By Harshwardhan Waghela

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Over the course of the Halloween weekend, patrons at a bar in New York City watched in horror as a man wearing a Nazi mask showed up. In a recent viral video, the man can be seen dressed entirely in Nazi garb that was complemented by an armband with the swastika.

The unidentified man was forced to leave right away from the hugely popular Fanelli Cafe in the posh SoHo district. “A guy just walked into fanelli cafe in soho dressed as a nazi I have no words,” the original caption of the video read in the tweet. While witnesses shrieked in horror, the unnamed customer is seen grinning as he walks up to the bar. One woman covers her face in fear while another male seated next to her glares at the man as he stands at the bar, ostensibly ordering a drink. Another woman can be heard loudly questioning the man, “What’s wrong with you?” Imminently, he is urged to leave the establishment and asked, “What the fk was that,” by other customers. While customers continue to chastise him for his clothing, the man in the Nazi costume was laughing about it. At one point, the man replies in the video, “Fk you mate.” While another adds, “You desire to be f—ed up?” As the man dressed in a Nazi costume stood close to the bar’s entrance, someone yelled, “Leave for your own safety.”


One customer was so outraged by the occurrence that he got up from his table and moved away from the man by a few feet while pointing in the direction of the door and directing him to leave. As Twitter users try to grasp the man’s mental state, the 18-second video has generated a lot of indignation on social media. One user expressed their distress at the man dressed up as a Nazi by saying, “Honestly is so disgusting to still see stuff like this in 2022. People seem to think it was a long time, when in fact I’m only the 2nd generation after the Holocaust.” Another one tweeted: “Why he’s mad he’s getting kicked out? Like did he think he wouldn’t get people upset with this costume or something?”

One user commented, “Did he do it just for Halloween or for his own personal agenda. Fine line but should not be wearing a swasita.” Another person wrote, “Not going to lie I am not one to respond with violence. But I’d be up in a second on that one… millions died fighting against the hatred. I’d proudly get up to honour those men and women.” One user took a dig at the unidentified man by stating: “Wow! He probably doing it cuz he want attention. Something his parents should of gave him more of.”


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