I wasn’t acknowledged at my son’s wedding

I wasn’t acknowledged at my son’s wedding

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DEAR ABBY: I just attended my son’s wedding. He married a wonderful woman, and I couldn’t be happier for them. However, I was not acknowledged during their wedding reception, which deeply saddened me.

My son’s mother and I divorced 25 years ago after she cheated on me with several men. I never disclosed her infidelity to my son because I didn’t want to tarnish his view of his mother. During the reception, when she spoke to the guests, she made it sound like she raised our son alone. I wasn’t mentioned at all during her speech, even though I had custody of him for more than a year when we first divorced. Because I was in the military and had to go on deployments, she took him for a few years after that. I also had custody of him during all of his high school years because she couldn’t handle him. Although I got him through graduation, she took all the credit.

I’m deeply hurt that she didn’t have the decency to mention me. If she had, I would be OK with letting the past be the past. My new daughter-in-law thinks my ex is this wonderful woman who raised my son all by herself. Although I don’t have the heart to tell my son about the lies and cheating my ex put me through, I feel the need to inform my daughter-in-law of my ex’s narcissism so she will understand it was I who raised him during his formative and high school years. What should I do?



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