Woman Escorted Out of Haunted Museum: Told “It’s Not Safe For You In Here”

Woman Escorted Out of Haunted Museum: Told “It’s Not Safe For You In Here”

Diana Logan

Television personality and filmmaker Zac Bagans has been deeply involved with the paranormal world for years. As a host of supernaturally-themed television shows and the owner of a haunted museum filled with supposedly supernatural objects in Las Vegas, it’s safe to say that his business revolves around the presence of cursed things. The Vegas museum is said to have been haunted even before he moved in his collection of otherworldly goods, and serves as the basis for his “Haunted Museum” series of horror anthology films. (The latest, Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno, is set to air on the Travel Channel on Halloween.)

The museum boasts a forty-four dollar admission fee and makes all guests sign a waiver before entering saying they understand the risks they are taking. But do they?

This woman went to visit the museum, signed the waiver, and was looking forward to see the collection, but was surprised when she began having panic attacks during the tour. It started soon after a guide explained that many people who had visited the exhibits had strange experiences, and got progressively worse. Twice she had to be escorted out of the salt-ringed building (where she was conveniently interviewed by the Travel Channel and even Bagans himself) about her experience.

But by the third time she had an adverse physical reaction in the museum she was told that she was no longer “safe” around the exhibits and that she must leave.

Was it the power of suggestion? Or the power of the supernaturally cursed objects within? This is not an unusual occurrence at this museum, and whatever the cause, it’s possible the waiver is not enough.


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