Shopper calls out embarrassing Kmart lie

Shopper calls out embarrassing Kmart lie

Madeleine Achenza

A Melbourne woman says she feels “duped” after she discovered the “handmade” item she thought she bought was actually a Kmart product she had paid almost double the retail price for.

The TikTok user MorgsMewTwo revealed her disappointment in a video calling out the Etsy seller.

“Look at this shelf, looks cute, it’s $40, it’s from an Australian shop,” she said.

But when the item was delivered, she realised it wasn’t at all what she thought she had purchased.

“It’s from f***ing Kmart. Stop! And more expensive,” she said in the video that has been viewed almost 200,000 times on TikTok.

The sleek wooden shelving with a crosshatch design is sold for $25 at the major Aussie retailer known for its bargain home decor – $15 less than the woman purchased it for on Etsy.

“Not to be a millennial but this is why we can’t have nice things,” she wrote in the caption.

Outraged users took to the comments section to share their anger over the misleading sale.

“It’s so frustrating that other people are ruining Etsy for us who truly are handmade,” one Ety user wrote.

Etsy product looks like Kmart product - but for double the price. Picture TikTok.JPG
The Etsy product looks like the Kmart product – but for double the price. Kmart Credit: NCA NewsWire

Etsy is an online marketplace where artists and small business owners sell vintage, handmade and craft items.

Another user pointed out that the seller would hardly make any money by the time they packed and shipped the product.

“But why? They’ll make 10 bucks by the time they package it,” they said.

Some users were a bit more generous with their comments, suggesting that the seller may have been making the products available to people who can’t purchase them from overseas.

Etsy product looks like Kmart product - but for double the price. Picture TikTok.JPG
The TikTok user shared her review of the product on Etsy. Etsy Credit: NCA NewsWire

“I assume it’s for international buyers who may not be able to buy from AU Kmart online,” one said.

The seller DecorByDesign has since been removed from the Etsy, but the shop still contains reviews from previous sales.

It seems the TikTok user was not the first to fall victim to the hoax.

“Buyers be warned: This item is a Kmart product that is $12 online,” one user wrote in June.

“There isn’t a clear reference to this in the item description or details so I thought I would just let interested people know.”

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