Guys, what’s that pink coffee cup? BUY ME A COFFEE

Guys, what’s that pink coffee cup? BUY ME A COFFEE

We have had several of you asking us what’s with the new pink coffee cup appearing on TNBD? Is that real?

Yes it is.

That pink coffee cup that you are seeing on our site is for people who want to donate.  Many of you expressed an interest in helping all of us.  Some of you help by finding great stories and sending us the link.  Some of you create the new stories when we’re busy.  And many of you support us by clicking on ads whenever possible.  All of these things enable all of you here to do the things you do here.


Buy Me A Coffee Is a 100% anonymous way for all of our members to help out TNBD.

So many people have asked us for our paypal address or other way to give to us.  We looked at this and we felt that PayPal exposed our donors’ identities and we wanted something more anonymous.

So check it out if you’d like.  See how easy it is to send us an amount to buy us a coffee, a few coffees, or a month’s worth of fancy Starbucks coffees.  It is as anonymous as you want it to be, and it goes to whatever credit card  you choose.  Let us know if you have any problems, questions, or concerns.


Thanks guys!


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