Pasadena pickax-wielding woman smashes neighbor’s windows with 6-week-old baby just inches away

Pasadena pickax-wielding woman smashes neighbor’s windows with 6-week-old baby just inches away

By Rohit Upadhyay

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: In a terrifying video footage from Arman Tchoukadarian’s Ring camera, Beverly Baker, 65, was recorded smashing through the windows of her neighbor’s Pasadena home with a pickax. During the incident a newborn baby was alleged to be inches away. She is seen approaching the home and hitting the windows before going away and returning to repeat her act moments later.

She was also recorded saying, as she left the property to get back to her home, “I’ll be back, Get out!” Tchoukadrian’s mother-in-law was present in the house with his six-week-old baby daughter, who was said to be sleeping in her bassinet close to one of the windows Baker had hit with the pickax. The grandmother was able to grab the baby from beneath the window just before it was shattered.

The accused is in police custody and was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, October 26 on charges of felony vandalism. Commander Bill Grisafe of Pasadena Police Department said there was no relation between the two and Baker is likely to be going through some kind of mental health crisis. “We have no reason, no motive for this,” Grisafe stated.

Tchoukadarian says that Baker owns multiple properties in the area but that he had never seen her before. He fears he was the target of a racist attack because he is Armenian, but police are yet to confirm the woman’s motive. Records show that Baker owns a $1 million home across the street from where the family lives with one of her children and family, reports Daily Mail.

Los Angeles has witnessed a rise in violent crime where the numbers have gone up to 4.2%. Tchoukadarian feels that his family has “lost their safe place” after the incident, the homeowner also calculated about $20,000 worth of damage due to the attack.

Tchoukadarian said to KTLA in an interview, “If my mother-in-law didn’t act as fast as she did, my daughter wouldn’t be here. She broke one window, went back. My mother-in-law came out screaming and yelling to get my attention.” He continued, “Police found her, nonchalant, walking with a pickaxe on her back, like she’d just finished working with it.”

As per the report, Baker returned multiple times as seen in the footage, with the pickax swung across her shoulders, and yelling, “Questions? Questions anyone? I’ll be back, get out.” She was later arrested by Pasadena Police at her home which is just a few blocks away from the house she had vandalized, and is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Tchoukadarian added the family has been left utterly traumatized and further said, “She needs to be in the right place, getting the right help. That’s no excuse to go attack someone’s family, attack someone’s newborn and ruin their dream home, and ruin their life and sanity.”

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