Missing grandma’s body found in monster python that swallowed her whole


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A grandmother was swallowed whole by a 22-foot-long python in Indonesia — with shocking video capturing the moment her remains were found inside the cut-open beast.

Police told CNN Indonesia that a search was launched after the victim, only identified as Jahrah, 54, failed to return from collecting rubber from a plantation in Jambi province on Sunday.

Her husband searched the area, but only found his wife’s sandals, jacket, headscarf and knife, Betara Jambi Police Chief AKP Herafa told the outlet.

He returned to the same area with a search party the next day — stumbling across the giant snake with a swollen mid-section where it had eaten something large, police confirmed.

Video of python being trapped in Indonesia.
Video showed villagers trapping and cutting open the monster snake, finding the remains of the missing grandma inside.

Wild video shows a volunteer carefully using a branch to pin the python’s head down as others started bashing it above the swollen area.

The disturbing clip then cut to villagers carefully slicing it open — revealing what officials say was the swallowed body of the missing grandma.

“Everyone was astonished,” Anto, the head of the local Terjun Gajah village, told ViralPress.

Villagers bag up the python that was trapped after swallowing whole a missing grandma.
The 22-foot python is not even the biggest one that villagers have spotted, with one estimated to be 27-feet previously escaping capture.

“It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach.”

The snake likely bit Jahrah and then suffocated her by wrapping itself around her before swallowing her, said Anto — who estimated it would have taken at least two hours.

It was not even a record for the village — where a 27-foot-long python was previously spotted, Anto said.

Python cut open
The monstrous python measured 22-feet long.

That one got away, the official said, leaving locals “worried that bigger snakes are still in the forest.”

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